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Râmnicu Vâlcea

You add/request an appointment

You sign up for the application and make a request, then you do what you want! In about 15 minutes, you receive the valets’ offer.

Check in your email inbox or in the application

Te relaxezi… valetul preia

After you accept the offer, the valet calls you to set the last details and then you are sure that, at the time requested by you, he will take over your car and take care of your request.

The car will be taken over through the electronic handover and receipt report, and the offer's price already includes casco insurance for the duration of the service provision

Almost done

When you enjoy wonderful moments or you are caught up in a project, time passes quickly, and the valet is already back with your car cleaned/equipped/cared for, just right for you to enjoy 

You save time

Yes, you saved time for yourself and enjoyed quality services, now you can give feedback to the valet and even schedule the next request (be it 1 day or more in advance)


Do you want to add one too?

Stop thinking about it and do it!

Safety comes first!

All the valets registered in the platform are carefully vetted and only truly professional valets are validated.

The car is handed over to the valet through a handover and receipt report, digitally signed directly through the application.

Your car is in good hands and it's safe! 

and, additionally, it is also insured in case of any accident + exchange car!

The platform was created in accordance with the highest standards of security and technology, so your data is safe.

Cat de sigur este?

Două variante

You pay for the request

The price depends on the receipt/delivery address and the type of service chosen.

You can make a test request and thus you can see the offers of the valets then you can go further or you can cancel it.


It is the most used solution, the price is fixed and even includes the services provided by our partners.

Why should I choose

  • You spend a rather long time in your car every day as it is.

  • You can spend that time with the people that truly matter (your better half, your children, friends).

  • Because, this way, you #CAN have more time for yourself , it's easy

  • It's #safe!  You are among friends and professionals who really know what they are doing 

  • Because you can avoid the embarrassment of certain situations...

  • It's #cool! Exactly, imagine using the application… how #fashionable and in step with technology can you be ?!

5 motive pentru Valetino

Preluare masina la service

Services offered

The valet drives your car to specialized partners (car washes, services, vulcanizations, towing companies) or to the location chosen by you, so the following operations can be performed:

Car wash

The car can be picked up and driven to any car wash you want.

The price will be offered by the valet depending on your car’s pick-up/delivery address! The offered price refers only to the valet service and does not include the car wash rates


Need to change the tires or balance the wheels? The valet takes care of the trip to the vulcanization unit. The location can be chosen by you, or from our list of partners.

The price will be offered by the valet depending on your car’s pick-up/delivery address! The offered price refers only to the valet service and does not include the vulcanization rates

Auto repair shop

The car is taken to the auto repair shop, the car can be driven to any repair shop you want, you talk to the repair shop first and then the valets take it and drive it to the auto repair shop.

The price will be offered by the valet depending on your car’s pick-up/delivery address! The offered price refers only to the valet service and does not include the auto repair shop rates

Roadside assistance

Did your car break down? You do not need a Valet, but your request can be seen by the roadside assistance partners registered in the platform. They will make you an offer and you can choose the one that is right for you.


Is your car at the office and you want us to take it to your home, so that someone else can use it? You arrive at the airport and you don't want to leave your car in the parking lot? The valet comes, takes it and drives it to the address you choose.

Filling the tank/windshield liquid, pressure check.

Nothing to it, you make the request and the valet comes by and drives your car to the gas station you choose, refuels, then returns your car ready to go (by the way, maybe you want to check your tire pressure at a vulcanization place…), so you can then go on vacation with the car in perfect condition.

Serviciile noastre

What kind of help is provided by

It's simple...

in a world where stress is generated by 'YOU MUST' but YOU DON’T HAVE TIME… Valetino comes to your aid 🙂

Create a request in the application

The valet finds out what you want, takes your car safely, fulfills your request, then returns your car.

Yes, using Valetino saves you time and you can use it any way you want!

And everything at affordable and fair prices

Cat de folositor este?

How does it work?

You register within the application as a beneficiary

You enter the required information, such as addresses and vehicles, only once. Valetino remembers them and then you can choose them from the list.

You create a request or schedule an appointment

The process is simple:

you create a request (appointment), select an address, a motor vehicle and wait for offers from our valets.

You wait for offers from the Valets

The platform will notify you both by email and through the web notification service when the valet offers appear. (You can choose the first offer, or you can wait for multiple offers)

You choose an offer that is right for you

The valets are independent and each one makes offers depending on their location and the time they think they will spend with your car.

 So enjoy the best and fairest offer.


The valet is accepted

Once accepted, the valet will receive your phone number and will call you to finalize the last details of the request and then he will come to you and make sure he arrives on time.

The valet arrives.

Within the application, the valet fills out the handover form (takes pictures, you check the car together, he writes down in the form the amount of cash received for the payment of the final suppliers). You, as the beneficiary, approve it.

Estimated time.

The valet informs you of the estimated time of arrival of your car.

You pay for the Valet service with your card.

Returning the car

The valet takes the car, fulfills your request and then returns your car. You enjoy your time, since you are the master of your time

Almost done.

Upon return, the process of handing over and receiving resumes, but the roles are reversed.

Deloc complicat.

Join as a beneficiary

I want to benefit from valet services.

Join as a Valet

I want to get certified and become a valet in the application

Alatura-te ca partener (Vulcanizare/ Service/ Spalatorie)

I want to be a partner to the Valetino service.

Textul VALETINO albastru deschis, pe fundal alb

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