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Delivery and return policy

Authorization to collect the Price of the service due by the Beneficiary of the Valet

By accepting the terms and conditions as well as by confirming/accepting the receipt form, the beneficiary authorizes Valetino to execute the payment/collection.

The right to a refund does not exist, since the provision of the service has already started at the time of payment, by the fact that the Valet arrives at the Beneficiary’s location and by filling out the report.

The price of the service

The Valet understands and accepts that his/her offer of use includes the commission of use of the Application. The Valet acknowledges and agrees that Valetino does not intervene in the chosen Service Price, which is entirely the decision and responsibility of the Valet.

The price consists of an application fee of 1.1 euros if the offer amount is less than 50 Ron and 10% if the offer amount exceeds 49 RON.


Valetino and the Valet agree that all payments made by the Beneficiary under the Civil Convention/Contract și prezentelor Condiții Generale vor fi plătite direct către Valetino. Cu toate acestea, Valetino nu is not the final recipient of these amounts. Valetino will pay the Valet, weekly/monthly, when the threshold of 500 RON is reached or, as agreed with the Valet or the Partner, by bank transfer, the price of the offer that has been paid by the beneficiary, excluding the remuneration due to the owner company Valetino..

Application Monitoring

Valetino has the right to use technical means in order to monitor the Application, so that it can maintain its security and react to potential attacks. No specific User data is recorded or saved in this way, except for the data provided during registration and in accordance with these General Conditions and the GDPR Policy.

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