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How to find a professional and trustworthy valet

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If you have ever thought that it would be great not to waste time in car washes, auto repair shops or vulcanization units and to find a kind of valet who can come and pick up the car, take care of everything for you and bring it back in pristine condition, know that it is now possible! A new and unique service has now appeared in Europe, one that you can access from Android or, soon, from iOS, called Valetino which does just that.

Ionut Motoi la Profit News TV

PROFIT NEWS TV Ionuț Dorel Motoi, founder of Valetino: We set ourselves a business goal of 500,000 euros in 2022

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EU Valeting Services, the startup that developed the Valetino app, launched last summer, is targeting a business goal of 500,000 euros in 2022 and wants to expand to 17 cities nationwide. Internationalization and raising a round of financing are also among the company's plans. 

Ionut Motoi Valetino

Ionuț Motoi (Valetino): We plan to expand to two other European countries

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The short explanation would be that a valet drives your car so that specialized partners can provide services, whether it's a car wash, auto repairs, vulcanization, or towing. But the story behind this business is a bit more complicated.

Valetino a ajuns in Timisoara


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Starting this week, Timisoara drivers will be able to access the valetino.ro services! The application developed by SiteQ is unique in Europe and has benefited from an initial investment of over 100,000 euros.

Ce spune Lorand Soares Szasz despre Valetino

What Lorand Soares Szasz says about Valetino

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When I lived in Romania, I hoped for a driver service to help me save time. 

Solicita un valet de la Valetino pentru masina ta


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Your time is precious and now there are various solutions to save it. As we speak, a unique service is available in Romania, one that allows you to find a certified valet who can take care of your car while you relax or enjoy life.

Valetino.ro, castiga timp pentru tine si cei dragi

Valetino.ro - an elegant service that helps you save time for yourself and your loved ones

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We live in times when things are going through an unprecedented dynamic, as time has become valuable. Thus, every day, we try to divide the 24 hours between work, domestic activities or activities necessary for car maintenance and loved ones and we think it would be great to have at least one clone, a valet or a robot that can take over some of the less pleasant tasks. 

Valetul auto prin Valetino

Valetino car valet - a professional solution, unique in Europe

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Following an investment of over 100,000 euros in the company Cool Valet SRL, the idea of the Valetino application, which you can find here, at https://www.valetino.ro, materialized in a unique and novel project for Europe. It all started with the vision of Ionuţ Dorel Motoi, who saw the advantages and benefits of an application to find a car valet, i.e. a trusted person to take your car, drive it to the auto repair shop, the vulcanization unit or car wash, and to bring it back in the best of conditions.

Serviciile oferite de Valetino

ZF IT Generation. Ionuţ Dorel Motoi, founder of the Valetino application. "We want to launch the application in 15 cities in Romania, by the end of next year, and have 130 valets registered in the platform"

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The EU Valeting Services start-up, which developed the Valetino application through which its own team of "valets" can provide various services - such as car wash, auto repair shop or vulcanization - for car owners who do not have time to deal with these things, wants to expand to six new cities in Romania and double the number of valets in the platform by the end of next year. Currently, in the Valetino application, launched in October of last year, there are 61 registered valets that have provided services for over 2,250 users.

Ionut Motoi de la Valetino la Andi Moisescu


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IONUȚ MOTOI is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and acrobatic airplane pilot. At the age of 19, he started his first company. He began with 10 lei and believed in his dream, the dream that he would succeed. In a few minutes, those 10 lei were already gone. It all started with one employee who was very poorly paid, namely himself. After almost 7 years, it went up to over 25 employees in 8 counties.

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