Complete subscription

The subscription price starts at 394,00 lei

You are completely covered in terms of your car's trip to the car wash, auto repair shop or vulcanization. You have 4 washes per month (valet and interior-exterior wash included), 2 tire changes per year (valet, tire replacement operations and tire storage included) and one trip to the auto repair shop for the overhaul or periodical technical inspection (valet included, excluding auto repair shop costs). You don’t need to worry and you can spend your time on the really important things.

You need more? You enjoy fixed rates, regardless of the dynamic rates offered by the valets when ordering, for any additional request made in the application.

Simple, safe, necessary.

With certified valets, you gain time for yourself, and your car is insured for the entire travel time for the performance of the services included in the subscription or additionally requested.

Minimum contract period of 12 months.

By purchasing this subscription, you agree that, if you stop paying before the minimum 12-month period is over, you will pay for any requests made at the average price calculated for that service in your area. And if the value already paid into our account covers these requests, you will have nothing to pay. At the same time, if you paid and did not use the valet service, then you can receive, by mutual agreement, a package of compensation requests.

Where can you wash your car?

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